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Spiced’s show bag essentials

Its the dead of summer and that means it’s show season for us horse enthusiasts out there! We here at Spiced love being in, out and about the show ring, So we’ve decided to make a list of our favourite show essentials!

#1. Helmet: Don’t matter the brand as long as you protect that precious melon of yours! (Although I’m a big sucker for the GPA first lady). Remember accidents happen!, better safe than sorry.

#2. Water: You’ll want to stay hydrated while you hurry up and wait for your 5 minutes of fame in the ring and long afterwards.

#3. Treats: Your special horse or pony needs some yummy appreciation cookies!

#4. Hairnet & Hair brush: These 2 things kinda go hand in hand. Make sure you bring both and maybe a little bit of gel for those fly aways. P.s Hair elastics are essential, bring extra ones too!

#5. Phone & charger: You’ll want to get lots of pictures of you and your mount all dressed up to the 9’s!

#6. Spiced equestrian mane bling: No matter what discipline you are showing our bling will help catch that judges eye.

#7. Gloves: A must have! Ones that are meat for using electronics are great.

#8. Boot polish and a rag: We all know how easy it is to get dirty before your division! Help stay clean with a rag and polish to keep those tall boots in tip, top shape.

#9. Fly spray, hoof polish and show sheen: These three things are a must have to make your mount look spectacular!

#10. Wallet: There are always plenty of vendors at horse shows. Be sure to bring some extra cash with you so you can buy all of your favourite horsey brands. Ps. Keep a look out for us at shows near you! and don’t forget to tag us in your purchases on social media.

– The Spiced Team XO